Bach & Co


Take a walk down the Creekside Village stroll and one thing you’ll notice is a bright red awning perched above the entrance to Bach & Co. This shop has some deep roots in ski resort lifestyle. Locally owned by a family here in Whistler, Bach is the Swiss surname.

If you’ve ever skied in Switzerland and been to the upscale resort town GStaad, you might actually recognize a similar red awning on a shop called ‘Maison Lorenz Bach’. The shop and many others like it throughout Swiss Alps resorts are part of the family lineage. The long-standing shop is well-known for offering beautifully curated chic and unique items like you’ll find at Bach & Co.

When we say ‘unique’, we really mean it. The team at Bach & Co purchase limited sizing in their chosen items, so when you finally head out for a special occasion or to meet up with friends you aren’t all wearing the same thing. Owner Abbie’s goal is to offer unique brands mixed with great everyday brands, the staples that you love. You don’t need to stop in here just for shoes, clothing or accessories – they also offer home goods and skincare products like Aesop!

Abbie and her husband opened Bach & Co right around when COVID-19 first reared its ugly head. Their team quickly adapted and they offer some incredible services for their customers. Imagine you had your favourite shop call you when something came in they felt would be perfect for your personality or style? Yes, that is 100% the ultimate personal shopping experience and available here in Creekside Village.

Finding the perfect outfit for a client makes it all worth it for Abbie and her team. Stop in for a chat, or comfortably browse what’s available – just look for the red awning.