Altitude Fitness


The owner at Altitude Fitness in Creekside Village, wears a lot of hats. Renovation guru, designer, artist and mechanic are just a sampling of this entrepreneurs skillset. Katie is the Jane of all trades and has ticked off many accomplishments in her time leading the team at Altitude. One of the most valuable being that she’s made great friendships and connections with staff and members alike.

From inside jokes with members to after-hours nerf gun wars with contractors, Altitude Fitness makes working out and the day-to-day a good time. You might find Katie just casually hand rolling paint on the entire inside of the building with one other person on Christmas eve (true story) or her Assistant Manager scooping large amounts of salt with a dustpan from the float tank whilst floating (also, true story), but everyone is having a really great time doing it. For every hold-up, mistake or change in plans, *ahem, pandemic* Katie and her team are adapting, laughing and continue to move forward with a get-it-done attitude.

The aesthetic of Altitude was Katie’s vision, and she definitely spent the time getting it right. If you can remember, this building used to house a large restaurant in Creekside Village and has now been flipped into the freshest gym in Whistler. Taking ownership of the space in April of 2016, the actual official opening of Altitude didn’t happen until September 1, 2018 (see above for hold-up).

Katie spotted an open space in the market for a different kind of gym and once she found the space in Creekside Village she was straight into the deep end, with no water wings. With no real gym background of her own and 10 years of cab driving experience, Katie’s motivation to learn and her clear vision of what Altitude is today is what helped her charge a path to get the gym up and running successfully.

It’s pretty cool to see what kind of elbow grease goes into launching and running a business like this. Whistler has been Katie’s home for a long time and opening Altitude Fitness was the opportunity she was gunning for. Our small Whistler town is lucky to have the amenities of a large place and this gym is absolutely one of the finest of those amenities.