Get The Goods


Have you ever conveniently visited a town when the market is on and had the best time getting to browse all the local artisans and boutique creative products? Get The Goods is exactly that, open seven days a week.

Let’s just say that every town like ours needs a gift shop that stocks the great local finds that once discovered, you simply cannot live without. Creekside Village is lucky enough to be home to a gift shop just like that. Get The Goods even stocks unique maps to plan your dream trip for mountain biking or surfing. If that isn’t something a Whistler local needs in their pandemic down-time right now, what is?

The products are great and a reflection of some of the deep research that went into finding the best of what your gift-giving must-haves should be. Manager of Get The Goods Lisa is really passionate about gift-giving and says if she could give presents everyday, she would. Lisa clearly loves it right down to the wrapping when she says, “Make people happy and present it in a beautiful way”.

What a beautiful philosophy for this shop, just to make people happy. A recommended must do in order to see and discover what this shop really has to offer is two laps. Two laps of the store might just uncover another extra special item or two that you didn’t see on your first browse around.

The team at Get The Goods are so welcoming and when you venture inside, it is sure to be a memorable experience. Even at Christmas, they want your kids to experience magic to remember. Santa’s mailbox sits nestled amongst all the gifts every year so kids can send their letters off and receive a personalized response from the big guy himself! We also hear that Santa stocks up from the shop if ever his elves can’t reach the gift quota for the season.

Truly, if you want to experience magic, wonder and curiosity – check out Get The Goods. There is a whole lot of all of the goods ready and waiting for you to explore. Make your people happy and present it to them in a beautiful way.